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Pro golfer publicly rips fellow player for not paying $6,000 bet

Shame! Shame!

Zurich Open Turns to Team Play as a Jolt to PGA Tour Routine

A tour staple since 1938, the event has switched from a traditional stroke-play event to a two-man team format as a way to increase player and fan interest.

12 secret meanings hidden within golf’s U.S. Open trophy

Lots of interesting things, if you look closely enough.

Longtime rival makes up with Sergio Garcia after ‘sore loser’ jab

Friends? Not quite.

Zurich Classic Odds, TV Schedule, Format, Tee Times: First Team Event in Nearly 40 Years

It's all about the team.

Golfer Matt Goggin Found His Clubs Broken After Flying United Airlines


Golf’s Ruling Bodies Limit Influence of Video Evidence

The governing bodies will favor a player's "reasonable judgment" over the precision of video evidence in making rules decisions.

Understanding golf’s new rule sparked by Lexi Thompson (and why it’s a very good thing)

I'm a big fan, and here's why.

USGA and R&A Will Limit Video Replay and Allow Reasonable Judgment in New Rule


Would you eat one of these three alligator hot dogs?

Is a hot dog a sandwich if it has alligator in it?


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